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Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be in the shoes of the protagonist in a K-Drama with your bias being the dashing leading man?

Impossible as it may sound but Fanfiction writers make the fantasies into a reality by means of their creative works!

So, we’re listing down the 5 best DAY6 Members Fanmade stories that you could freely and directly read on Twitter! Are you ready MyDays? *in Jae’s voice* Lez get it!

5 Best DAY6 Twitter Fanfics:

These Day6 fanfics are mostly recommended by our friends who are into AU (Alternate Universe) reading. Plus, we also selected stories that have themes and language that are suited for all ages!
List in no particular order!

Monday Guy

Starring: DAY6 Jae, OC
Written by: @__missmidori
Description: You hated Mondays but your office crush only supports your team every Mondays.
Why We Recommend It: Aside from fluffy scenarios and heart-fluttering lines, this one-shot fanfic also touches self-esteem and self-love. Plus, it has a special sequel (Jae’s POV) and even an Epilogue! What a treat!
Read it here

Lean on Me

Starring: DAY6 Sungjin, OC (as Sage)
Written by: @anonpjh
Description: Sage is wallflower while Sungjin is the famous campus band leader.
Why We Recommend It: It’s quite a long SocMed AU so you’ll surely end up getting entertained with the supporting characters. Plus, the mere thought of Sungjin being inlove with you is enough reason to give this fanfic a read!
Read it here


Starring: DAY6 Young K, OC
Written by: @iamAlyloony
Description: You’re a photographer while Brian is a carefree traveler.
Why We Recommend It: Admit it! We’re all silent suckers for fleeting travel love stories! This is another SocMed AU but the usage of Instagram adds up to all the feels.
Read it here

Thursday Tale

Starring: DAY6 Wonpil, OC
Written by: @__missmidori (her second story in the list!)
Description: A dying girl had a short beautiful tale with her private nurse.
Why We Recommend It: This is a one-shot story that would surely tear you up! So, if you’re looking for a reason to cry tonight, then this Wonpil fanfic is the perfect one for you!
Read it here

Nights in Busan


Starring: DAY6 Dowoon, OC
Written by: @tabispiriri
Description: You met Dowoon on your Busan night trip. The catch? Your love story is just fleeting.
Why We Recommend It: We love concise yet descriptive one-shot stories! ‘Nuff said.
Read it here

You could read more DAY6 fan fictions on other mainstream platforms such as A03 and Asian Fanfics!
Which DAY6 Twitter Fanfics did we miss? Let us know in the comments down below!

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