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camp sawi


Camp Sawi is a comedy-drama film released in 2016. It is directed by Irene Villamor, starring Yassi Pressman, Arci Munoz, Kim Molina, Sam Milby, and Andi Eigenmann. It was nominated for Star Awards 2017 in various categories. Camp Sawi is a story of how the broken-hearted ladies helped each other to move on from their exes. They use their experiences to strengthen each other in a camp. Even if they have different stories behind their brokenness, they’re able to give advice to each other.

Camp Sawi Casts and Crews

Director and Screenplay:

Irene Villamor – She is a Filipino film director and a writer that was nominated for Gawad Awards for consecutive years. One of Villamor’s masterpiece is her 2018 film titled “Sid & Aya: Not a Love Story”. Every movie that she directed was nominated for multiple awards.


Veronique Del Rosario-Corpuz – She is a Filipino film producer and a production manager. Veronique is also the producer of the award-winning action thriller film: Buybust, starring Anne Curtis-Smith.

Lead Roles:

Yassi Pressman as Jessica or Jess, the one who had a gay ex. Yassi Pressman’s sassy look made her even better in her role. Jessica is a friendly brokenhearted woman who wants to forget her ex who had an affair with the same sex.

yassi pressman

Arci Muñoz as Gwen or Lovejoy, the band vocalist. Her ex-boyfriend is a guitarist in the same band as hers. Since they often had a gig on bars,her boyfriend kept on cheating on her. For me, there are no other actress that could fit in that role, but Arci Munoz. A vocalist and a drunkard woman.

arci munoz

Bela Padilla as Bridget, the ghosted one. Bela Padilla’s acting skills will make you cry and pity for her. She portrays the role of Bridget, a woman who is desperately in love with her ex.

bela padilla

Kim Molina as Joanne, the fiance that was left behind. Right after the engagement, her supposedly soon-to-be husband died. Kim Molina nailed it. She plays her role accordingly for a broken lady.

kim molina

Andi Eigenmann as Clarisse, a yoga instructor and a mistress. For me, Eigenmann’s innocent glimpse doesn’t fit her role as a mistress. Clarisse was attached to a married rich guy who buys often in a galeria where she is working on.

andi eigenmann

Sam Milby as Louie, the camp master, and chef on Camp Sawi. His masculinity put an additional point for his role. Louie as the owner built the camp not just for vacation, but also in order for the brokenness of every guest fades.

sam milby

Camp Sawi Plot Review

Have you tried laughing and crying at the same time? Well if not, this film is for you!

In Camp Sawi, you will be satisfied if you love watching comedy or drama films. I love the way the writer plotted the twists and transitions from sorrowful scenes to funny ones. I could say that this is indeed a great film. Also, I would like to emphasize the ineffable choice of setting, which is the beach or the camp. It makes the film a true-to-life story since most of us go to beaches to release our stress. Unlike other movies that focus only on one genre or two related genres, this one was wisely made. It isn’t easy to make the audience laugh and cry at the same time, but as I watched it, they hit their goals in turning that impossible thing into reality.

Camp Sawi Original Soundtrack (OST)

Malaya by Moira Dela Torre

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