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Eerie Movie
Eerie Movie


Eerie is a 2018 Filipino horror, mystery, thriller film. It is directed by Mikhail Red, and written by Mariah Reodica. This movie tells the story of suicide cases in an all-girls Catholic school. What’s the reason behind those deaths? Do you think those young, innocent girls really killed themselves?

Eerie Cast and Crews


Mikhail Red is an independent Filipino film maker. He has been nominated on Gawad Urian Awards for Best Direction. He had also won international awards such as the Best Film in the Asian future for his masterpiece titled: “Birdshot”.


Maria Reodica is a Filipino filmmaker, screenplay writer, media archivist and a musician. Reodica’s works had been performed and shown in various states international like in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Gwangju, and Tokyo.

Lead Roles:

Bea Alonzo as Ms. Pat Consolacion, a teacher from the said Catholic school. She is indeed a versatile actress. Bea Alonzo is a well known Filipina actress that hauled many awards for her projects such as “A Love to Last” and “Four Sisters and A Wedding”. She is also a model and a former singer.

bea alonzo

Charo Santos-Concio as Sol Alice, the head nun. Charo Santos is a Filipina actress, media executive, and the CEO of ABS-CBN Inc. from January 2013 until now. She is also the host of Maalaala Mo Kaya, the award-winning and longest television drama anthology in the Philippines.

charo santos

Gillian Vicencio as Eri, one of the students who committed suicide. Gillian is a young Filipina actress first known for her film titled “Hello, Stranger” and “Hellcome Home”. Her role as Eri, requires a lot of effort and she did it well.

gillian vicencio

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Supporting Roles:

Jake Cuenca as Julian Castro
Maxene Magalona as Mia (as Maxene Magalona-Mananquil)
Gillian Vicencio as Eri
Gabby Padilla    as Joyce
Mary Joy Apostol as Clara
Fe GingGing Hyde as Sister Constanza
Jocelyn Concha as Sister Luz
Tabs Sumulong as Sister Hilda
Miguel Faustmann as Father Darwin
Raul Morit as Mang Fidel

Eerie Plot Review

Are you ready to solve a mystery? Is it a suicide or a murder?

Eerie hits its goal to provide the audience with an extreme horror film. Though there are scenes that are confusing, maybe because of the plot twists. But still, this film is an outstanding and unique horror movie. The taping set is perfect, a province-like city makes it more freakish. You will also be startled by its shocking revelations on the unsolved mystery inside the all-girls Catholic school.

I strongly recommend this movie for those who are brave enough and love watching horror films. And Eerie isn’t just all about horror, but it also tells an overwhelming and heartbreaking stories behind every mystery.

Eerie Official Trailer

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