LOOK: Grab PH activates ‘GrabBike’

Last January 09, 2020, Grab customers were surprised when GrabBike option was visibly seen on the app. And if you’re not aware yet, Grab PH has initially expressed their intent to have their own motorcycle taxi service back in 2016.

Following this issue, Grab Philippines President Brian Cu posted an explanation via his Facebook account:

Photo: Brian Cu

“People have been asking me about when GrabBike will come out again…ayan it’s out na! But shempre no drivers yet because we are waiting to apply for the pilot,” Cu mentioned.

“We just got a bit excited and started testing the system to make sure it will be safe and convenient for riders and passengers. And we accidentally turned it on for everyone,” Cu continued, even adding a hopeful hashtag #grabBikeComingSoonSana

Photo: Brian Cu

Cu then emphasized that the said service is still not available and will only go live when the company obtain the proper regulatory approval.

As of this writing, GrabBike option is currently not visible anymore.

Are you in favor with GrabBike revival? Or do prefer trying new options such as Joyride PH and Move It? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

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