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Hello, Love, Goodbye


Hello, Love, Goodbye is a Star Cinema 2019 Romance-Drama film, directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina. Some of the well-known casts are Alden Richards, Kathryn Bernardo, and Maymay Entrata. It hauled local and international awards including “Best Direction – Fiction”, “Best Screenplay”, and “Best Feature Film” on the Asian Academy Creative Awards. It tells a story of overseas Filipino workers, specifically Joy and Ethan who experienced the struggles as OFWs in Hongkong. Despite the difficulties they encountered in working abroad, they still give destiny a chance to find its way inside their hearts.

Hello, Love, Goodbye Casts and Crews


Cathy Garcia Molina – She is a well-known Filipino film director. Most of her works are award-winning romantic comedy films. One of Dir. Cathy Molina’s successful work is the “Seven Sundays” that hauled many positive comments and praises from audiences.

Lead Characters:

Alden Richards as Ethan, a son of a disabled father that works as a bartender in Hongkong. He is also the leading man of the award-winning actress, Kathryn Bernardo. Alden is also known as the “bae” because of his good looking, and that made him suitable for his role. It may be awkward at first since “Kathniel” is a popular love team, but I won’t deny that there is also the chemistry between Ethan and Joy in this film.

Alden Richards

Kathryn Bernardo as Joy, an OFW who prefer to work abroad as a domestic helper to support her family in the Philippines. Joy struggles a lot in being an overseas Filipino worker, there is a part of this film that risk her life just to provide her family’s needs. I could say that no one fits better in this role rather than Kathryn Bernardo.

Kathryn Bernardo

Maymay Entrata as Mary Dale, Joy’s supportive friend who stays on her ups and downs. The film has a lot of dramas from family problems, misunderstandings and maltreatments, but Maymay Entrata added a bit of comedy into it. Mary Dale is that kind of friend who would bring laughter every time. Maymay’s vibes that was first seen in Pinoy Big Brother, made her suitable for her role as Mary Dale.

Maymay Entrata

Hello, Love, Goodbye Plot Review

Have you ever felt so empty, that you almost forgot yourself just to provide for someone’s needs? This movie teaches us how to make wiser decisions in a pool of wise choices.

Hello, Love, Goodbye

In Hello, Love, Goodbye, your satisfaction in seeking heavy drama will be filled. I admire how the writer puts the stories altogether, and how they relate the story in reality. This movie also emphasized the struggles of OFWs who work hard for their families, despite the distance and challenges abroad. You will also love how they inserted romance in this film, despite the drama. Joy and Ethan made me realized that life is a matter of choices, and decision makings. The ending may not be what you expected but if you think of it, it’s the best decision and the right choice for both of them.

I recommend this film for those who loves romantic-drama films.

Hello, Love, Goodbye Original Soundtrack (OST)

Ikaw at Ako by Moira Dela Torre

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