KPOP Band The Rose: Honest Concert Review

The Rose Concert in Manila
We Rose You in Manila
South Korean Band The Rose poses with their energetic fans after the Manila leg of “We Rose You” in Manila

KPOP band The Rose literally and figuratively set the stage on fire last December 15, 2019 during the Manila leg of their We Rose You Live Concert Tour.

I’m one of the lucky Black Roses to be part of it! And I thought it would be nice to share my #WeRoseYouInManila concert experience here. So if you want to see my The Rose concert journey from ticket selling to tiring line queuing, up to the amazing concert itself, then keep on scrolling!

#WeRoseYouInManila Ticket Selling Experience

My sister, my friend, and I opted to purchase our tickets via online and unfortunately, the process wasn’t as smooth as we expected it to be. The system showed an unexpected error for around 5-10 minutes and the next thing we knew, our desired section (VVIP) was sold out!

And so, we downgraded to the next section and were able to secure a VIP ticket but to our dismay, the VVIP section suddenly reopened! Furthermore, we also needed to go to the nearest SM Malls to exchange it with a physical ticket.

Overall, I think my The Rose ticket selling experience was a bit frustrating. But hey, every KPOP fan knows the struggle that comes with it!

The Rose in Manila Pre-Concert Experience

We Rose You in Manila concert day came exactly 41 days after the ticket selling.

I set my alarm 2 hours earlier than usual and dolled up myself to look pretty decent. At around 1 PM, we arrived at the Samsung Hall, SM Aura.

Initial Line Queuing

The initial line queuing outside the venue was a bit confusing but I must still give credits to the passionate fan clubs that exerted their time and efforts to provide banners, organize fan projects, and tried to arrange the lines.

PH Black Roses lining up for The Rose concert
PH Black Roses lining up outside the Samsung Hall

At around 3 PM, we lined up again to get the wristbands. The bands looked plain with just white numbers handwritten on it. So instead of keeping it as a souvenir (which I do mostly), it just landed on the trash bin.

Official The Rose Merchandise Purchasing

At 4 PM, #WeRoseYouInManila official merchandise opened. We lined up again to get some goodies.

I purchased the official light stick that cost ₱ 650. Other merchandise include The Rose A4 photo set, fanny packs, and t-shirts that cost ₱ 350, ₱ 900 and ₱ 1200, respectively.

The Rose Concert Official Merchandise
Fans patiently line up to buy some The Rose merchandise

Official Line Queuing Horror

After spending some bucks, we were asked to lined up again for the official queuing. We sat along the hallways totally brushing off the idea of it being dirty. LOL.

The hallways don’t have enough space to cater everyone so the Lower Box and Gen Ad ticket holders ended up lining outside.

We stayed there for around three hours completely sucking our energy, draining our positive vibes, and leaving our legs numb.

At around 6:15 PM, it started raining causing a hassle on those lining outside. It was then announced that the show would be delayed due to some technical difficulties. At 7:15, we were asked to move inside the venue only to find out that we still need to line up again for the third time! *sigh*

Lower Box and Gen Ad The Rose ticket holders lining up
We Rose You in Manila Lower Box and Gen Ad ticket holders

‘We Rose You’ Concert Experience

At around 7:30 PM, we finally entered the hall. We’re at 140+ in the queue yet we were able to secured a nice spot on the left side of the stage.

But my excitement died down again upon hearing another show delay announcement. With aching feet and trembling knees, I started to literally pray for my body to keep up with exhaustion.

We Rose You in Manila
We Rose You in Manila

After approximate 15 minutes, the show finally started. With the tatak Pinoy loud cheers and yells echoing the hall, The Rose members Woosung, Dojoon, Hajoon, and Jaehyeong were obviously overwhelmed with the warm welcome of their Filipino fans.

The Rose performed their hit songs ILY, Insomia, I Don’t Know You, Candy, California, Like We Used To, She’s In The Rain, and many more.

In addition, the good-looking and talented guys covered some popular English songs such as ILYSB, Hey Jude, Runaway Baby, Sign of the Times, and Breakeven.

Furthermore, each member also had their solo performances. Acoustic guitarist Dojoon covered Hold Back the River while Bassist Jaehyeong and Drummer Hajoon did a duet of Before Your Exit’s Soldier. On the other hand, The Rose leader and vocalist Woosung performed two songs, Face and Lonely, both included in his solo album.

The almost three-hour concert ended with The Rose singing their latest bop song Red.

Video courtesy of Jo Anne Abella

Hi-Touch Experience with The Rose Members

After the concert, I got the chance to Hi-Touch The Rose members Woosung, Dojoon, Hajoon, and Jaehyeong. It was surreal seeing them face to face and having a chance to shower them with short sweet messages as you give a high-five.

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The Rose Concert Highlights

PH Black Roses Loud Cheers

No doubt, this is the main highlight of the concert. The crowd unwavering yells and chants gave me goosebumps. It was so loud that even The Rose members can’t hear their own voice.

As a matter of fact, Woosung even mentioned that they have been to different countries but PH Black Roses’ energy was simply incomparable.

The Rose Members Strong Stage Presence

I have been to several KPOP concerts but I can confidently say that The Rose stage presence is no joke. Each member has their own charm – Woosung has this mixture of playfulness and hotness, Dojoon has sweet voice that could melt your heart in an instant, Hajoon’s drumming style will leave you in awe, and Jaehyeong will both bless your eyes & ears with his breathtaking visuals and soothing voice.

The Rose Songs Brings Forth Eargasm

The song choices made a big impact for me. The Rose songs are all good (I swear, no skip!) and just a bonus that they chose to cover English popular songs.

Concert Downfalls

Unorganized Lines

There were estimated 1000 ticket holders and I think that’s fairly manageable but for some reasons, the queuing was a bit unorganized from the initial line up to the official line itself. It could have been better if there is atleast one representative (from the fans club or from the official organizers) per line per Tier to avoid the repetitive line queue.

Impolite Security

I’m not sure if the security personnel are under the official organizer or a third-party team but some of them acted uncourteous towards fans especially during the Hi-Touch. I’ve first-hand witnessed one scene wherein the security guy rudely lashed out at a certain confused fan using the exact words “Kayo lang ang naguguluhan sa line, kami lahat dito hindi.” but in reality, the VIP Hi-Touch line was really in total chaos.

Overall The Rose Concert Verdict

10/10 will watch again! I said it before and I’ll say again – Sleep on your bed, not on The Rose! These four amazing guys will definitely go far both in the music industry.

I really do hope they’ll come back here in Manila and make their Pinoy Black Roses’ hearts bloom again in awe and excitement!

If you want to see them perform in Manila again, then sign up here!

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