LTFRB TNVS Application Process and Requirements

LTFRB TNVS Application Process and Requirements

Before we start, it is very important to know what TNVS means and who are eligible to apply for TNVS.

What is TNVS?

TNVS MEARNING: TNVS or Transport Network Vehicle Services is the term used to describe the services provided by operators of Grab, Hype, OWTO and Snappy. In order to become a TNVS operator, you need to get a Certificate of Public Convenience (CPC) from the LTFRB (Land Transportation and Franchising Regulatory Board). It is important to know that only the operator whose name appears in the vehicle’s ORCR can proceed with the LTFRB TNVS application. This means that all requirements and information that will be provided should be in the name of the vehicle owner.

6 Steps on How to Process Your LTFRB TNVS Application

  1. Get an appointment for case number application from LTFRB’s Online Portal
  2. Prepare the requirements
  3. Go to LTFRB’s office on your appointment date and submit the requirements
  4. Get your provisional authority (PA)
  5. Attend the CPC hearing on the date provided by LTFRB
  6. Get your CPC

STEP 1: Get an appointment for case number application

LTFRB provides a schedule for securing an appointment date for case number application. Only on the given schedule can you access LTFRB’s TNVS Online Portal. Be sure that you have the necessary information required for securing an appointment.

Required Operator Information are as follows:

  • Name
  • Birth date
  • Gender
  • Home Address
  • Email Address
  • Valid Cellphone Number

Required Vehicle Information are as follows:

  • Conduction or Plate Number of the vehicle
  • Vehicle Make (ex. Mitsubishi Mirage G4)
  • Year Model (YYYY)
  • Engine No./MV Number
  • Chassis Number (found in the vehicle’s CR)
Allowed VehiclesNot Allowed Vehicles
Year model 2017 or higherYear model 2016 and below
MPV, SUV, AUV, 4 door sedanHatchback

If you have the complete information already, visit their online portal here: and pick a date for your appointment. An email containing a verification code will be sent to you. Key in the verification code in LTFRB’s portal to continue. Once successful, you will receive another email containing your appointment date plus 3 attachments that you need to print.

Step 2: Prepare the TNVS Application Requirements

The confirmation email sent to you by LTFRB contains 3 attachments which include the LTFRB application form. Print in legal size bond paper (long bond paper) 4 copies of the operator’s data sheet and 4 copies of LTFRB application form and 1 copy of the confirmation email. You will present the confirmation email to LTFRB as proof that you have an appointment.

  • A printed copy of email confirmation
  • Long Orange Folder (put all requirements here)
  • Notarized Verified Application form (4 copies)
  • Notarized Operator’s Data Sheet (4 copies)
  • Proof of Filipino Citizenship (voter’s id, birth certificate, passport or marriage certificate)
  • Photocopy of vehicle’s ORCR
  • Photocopy of valid government ID

Step 3: Submit the Requirements to LTFRB Office

On your appointment schedule, bring the TNVS application requirements to LTFRB East Avenue, Quezon City office. Be sure to fasten the requirements inside the long orange folder. LTFRB will not accept your application if the documents are not fastened properly.

Application cost about 890 Pesos. Here are the breakdown of fees:

  • New Application Filing Fee – 510 Pesos for the first 2 vehicle units
  • Additional 70 Pesos for 3rd vehicle unit
  • Inspection fee of 50 Pesos
  • LRF – 10 Pesos
  • PA Fee – 250 Pesos

Step 4: Get your Provisional Authority (PA) from the LTFRB Office

LTFRB will give you the date of availability of your PA. Go back to LTFRB office on the said date to secure your PA. You will need to submit Proof of Garage, a photocopy of verified application form, Certificate of Conformity (CoC) from the bank and Passenger Insurance from PAMI or SCCI.

Requirements for proof of garage:

  • Google Map of the location of the garage
  • Garage dimension (Length and Width)
  • Transfer Certificate of title or Tax Declaration in the name of the land owner
  • For those with 3 units, LGU Zoning Certificate is also required

Step 5: Attend the hearing for your CPC

Before you attend the hearing for your CPC, be sure to prepare all the necessary TNVS requirements. Going there with incomplete requirements will just give you inconveniences. I have listed below the requirements for you.

LTFRB TNVS application requirements

List of TNVS Requirements

  1. Formal Offer of Documentary Evidence
  2. Proof of Publication
  3. Certificate of Acceditation and Good Standing
  4. Affidavit of the Applicant
  5. Photocopy of passenger insurance from PAMI or SCCI
  6. Photocopy of any of the following: Passport, Birth certificate, voter’s ID, marriage contract.
  7. Statement of Financial Capability
  8. Bank Certificate as Proof of Financial Capability (with at least 50,000 pesos credit)
  9. Business Certificate of Registration
  10. DTI Certificate of Business Name Registration
  11. Location of Garage (go to Google Maps and print the location of your garage)
  12. Garage Dimension
  13. Photocopy of Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) where garage is located
  14. Operator’s Data Sheet
  15. Photocopy of Driver’s license (the license of the one who will drive the vehicle)
  16. Photocopy of your driver’s NBI clearance
  17. Photocopy of your driver’s Police clearance
  18. Photocopy of OR/CR
  19. Certificate of Conformity
  20. Front photo of the vehicle with newspaper included in the photo (plate number must be clearly visible)
  21. Back photo of the vehicle (plate number must be clearly visible)
  22. Left and right photo of the vehicle
  23. Scan all the requirements listed above an put it in a CD

Note: Be sure to fasten all requirements in a long white folder.

Step 6: Wait for your CPC

Once approved, LTFRB will send to your house a copy of your CPC. Upon securing the document, you are now an accredited TNVS. But wait, there’s MORE! Although you can already use your vehicle for TNVS, you still need need to change your plate number from private vehicle plates to public vehicle plates. More details on this will be discussed later. For now, time to celebrate your CPC! Congrats!!!