Minandal – Secret Burger Kitchen in Mandaluyong

Minandal's Cheesy Quarter Pounder

Minandal in Filipino means merienda and for the locals of Mandaluyong, it is also a whole in the wall for burgers and fries. Minandal Burger Kitchen is a small food store located at #16 P. Oliveros street in Mandaluyong City. It was 2014 when Neria and Pader family put up this business out of the love for food and distinct passion for cooking. The passion of for cooking and love for food of Neria and Pader family is evident. Guests enter Minandal Burger Kitchen with high expectations and leave satisfied. For the past five years, this hole in the wall has been getting great feedback from guests.

Affordable Food with Expensive Taste

A merienda is a simple meal that satisfies your hunger. Minandal has adapted this concept and ensured you won’t have to spend too much to fill your belly. If you find yourself needing a second breakfast or an afternoon snack, a budget of Php180 should suffice. You’ll have a tasty snack and a drink for that amount. If you are feeling a little more indulgent, and have Php90 to spare, then order a smoothie. No matter where you’re going next you will be energized and inspired. That’s what good food does to your and Minandal Burger Kitchen‘s menu offers a list of good things.

Menu and Prices

Minandal’s savory choices include burgers and pasta dishes that you’re familiar with. They offer a mix of modern merienda staples. You won’t get traditional lutong pinoy merienda serivings such as bibingka and puto. Instead, the menu is a mix of American and European plates. The kitchen crew makes sure the ingredients are fresh and of the highest quality.

House Special Menu

  • Quarter Pounder (90 Pesos)
  • Half Pounder (120 Pesos)
  • Mac n’ Chees (75 Pesos)
  • Carbonara (95 Pesos)
  • Lasagna (95 Pesos)
  • Chicken Wings (130 Pesos)
  • Poutine (70 Pesos)

Rice Meals

  • Salisbury steak (90 Pesos)
  • Baby back ribs (130 Pesos)
  • Chicken inasal (100 Pesos)


  • Smoothies (Php 90)

Minandal’s Best Tasting Burger

Minandal's Cheesy Quarter Pounder
Minandal’s famous burger for only 90 Pesos. This burger is topped with white onions and melted cheese.

Mac n’ Cheese for Only 75 Pesos

Creamy and cheesy macaroni with bits of bacon and herbs.

Carbonara for Only 90 Pesos

This carbonara is seasoned with a little bit of salt and pepper that greatly compliments the Parmesan cheese and black olives.

Smoothies – Cookies and Cream

Store Hours

Minandal is open from Monday to Saturday from 4PM to 12 midnight. There is no parking space in the area so it is best not to bring your car at all.

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