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seven sundays
seven sundays


Seven Sundays is a 2017 family-related film directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina, starring Ronaldo Valdez, Aga Muhlach, Dingdong Dantes, Christine Reyes, and Enrique Gil. This film schleps multiple awards such as Best Picture Award, Best Cinematography Award, and Best Music Award 2018. Seven Sundays is a story of a family that was reunited because of the father’s illness. And it is titled “Seven Sundays” because Captain Manuel (father) was expected to last for seven weeks or Sundays. Due to his first diagnosis that says he has cancer. Despite the father’s illness, a lot of changes occur during those days that the siblings are all together.

Seven Sundays Cast and Crews Review


Cathy Garcia-Molina – She is a well known Filipino film director. Most of her works are award-winning romantic comedy films. One of Dir. Cathy Molina’s successful work is the “Hello, Love, Goodbye” that hauled many positive comments and praises from audiences.


Theo Lozada – He is a Filipino cinematographer first know with his film titled “Tunga” released in 2013. Theo Lozada also graduated with a BA in Film Degree at the University of the Philippines (UP Diliman). He worked with another cinematographer, Noel Teehankee.

Lead Characters:

Ronaldo Valdez – He is a veteran actor who is in a showbiz career for almost five decades. One of his remarkable films is the “Sukob”, a horror film released in 2006. Ronaldo Valdez portrays the role of a sick father in “Seven Sundays”. His role as Captain Manuel was well-portrayed, from comedy to dramatic scenes.

Ronaldo Valdez

Aga Muhlach as Allan Bonifacio. He is indeed a versatile actor. He started his career at a very young age. His versatility was proven again with his role as a mentally-ill father in the 2019 film “Miracle in Cell No.7”. In Seven Sundays, Allan is the eldest son of Captain Manuel.

Aga Muhlach

Dingdong Dantes as Bryan Bonifacio, Capt. Manuel’s 2nd eldest son. Dingdong Dantes always satisfy the audience with his acting skills and charm. And I could say that he did well in this movie, portraying Bryan, the most successful among the children of Capt. Manuel.

Dingdong Dantes

Christine Reyes as Cha Bonifacio, the third eldest and the only female child. She portrays the role of a martyr wife and a good mother for her children. Christine Reyes showed her attention-catcher acting skills. Reyes is a product of the GMA TV Program, StarStruck. After winning, she became a model, endorser, and actress.

Christine Reyes

Enrique Gil as Dexter Bonifacio, the youngest son of Capt. Manuel. Dexter is a social media influencer. Unlike any other youngest child, dexter was the one who lacked attention from his father and siblings. Enrique Gil plays his role well, and also, his visuals make him more fitted to his role as an influencer.

Enrique Gil

Supporting Characters:

Ketchup Eusebio as Jun
Kean Cipriano as Jerry
Kakai Bautista as Baby
April Matienzo as Camille
Kyle Echarri as Marc Bonifacio
Iza Calzado as Juliana Smith
Edward Barber as Bryan’s Son
Ryan Bang as Mr. Kim
Jeffrey Tam as Mr. Kim

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Seven Sundays Plot Review

What are you willing to do for your family? How long can you pretend for them to stay?

In Seven Sundays, you might need tissues or handkerchief while watching. It is a hurtful yet heart-melting film about how a family reunited after a long time. It also tells a story of the siblings that hide their dissatisfaction with each other. I would also want to emphasize the choice of casts and the roles given to them, it was well chosen. The story revolves around the story of how Captain Manuel, the father makes his children get along with each other. You should also want to know-how Allen, Bryan, Cha, and Dexter removed the barriers between them that keep them away from each other.

Seven Sundays Original Soundtrack (OST)

Batang bata ka pa by Daryl Ong

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