Are you ready for a culinary adventure that will transport you straight to the vibrant streets of Hong Kong? If you’ve ever found yourself craving the tantalizing flavors of Chinese cuisine while in La Union, then you’re in for a treat. Nestled in the heart of Surftown, Ching Ching La Union is your go-to hideaway for a taste of Hong Kong right here in Elyu.

How Ching Ching La Union Started

“All of us are part Chinese, and these are the comfort foods that we grew up with. It was very random. You know how, sometimes you crave something salty, spicy, greasy, and a bit of sweet after a long week or a night out?”

“During the pandemic, we were craving for some really good Chinese food here in Elyu and there was none. And then we were like – well, let’s do it! We wanted to share it with everyone.” one of the founders, Cesca Veneracion shares. This shared love for good food and cooking inspired long-time friends, Mikaela Roman, Cesca Veneracion, Audrey Aparis, Andy Rapista, and Franco Salazar, to start the Hong Kong street food inspired restaurant.

Ching Ching has witnessed Surftown’s growth in La Union, relocating from a shared space by the plaza to a corner spot, and now settling in an elevated and spacious rooftop bar. The view from the rooftop is particularly captivating during sunset.

Ching Ching Menu Highlights: 

Ching Ching offers a delectable array of Hong Kong street eats. 

Hakaw, Pork Siomai, Pork Shrimp Siomai, and Pork Gyoza: These dimsums represent the finest in town. Particularly the siomai, rich in flavor, stands out even without its accompanying dipping sauce, while the hakaw is a gem of its own. It’s a classic favorite.

Nutty Noods: A treat for peanut butter aficionados, this dish is mildly spicy, garnished with fried bean curd and vegetables. Its sweet undertones strike a perfect balance, making it a favorite among many.

Smooth Noods: This noodle dish, served with a unique black vinegar dip, has been a talking point for its rich flavors and standout dip that complements the smooth texture of the noodles.

Bean Curd Rolls and Spareribs with Taosi: Perfectly paired with either noodles or the sumptuous ‘Fly Rice’, these sides are savory delights. 

Fly Rice: Tasty fried rice, combined with Chinese sausage or salted fish. We love the robust flavor packed in a bowl, definitely a full meal on its own.

Chairman Bao: A light yet fulfilling choice, this dish consists of a fluffy bun packed with slow-cooked braised beef, chicken, or a combination, all drenched in a luscious sauce.

Salted Egg Custard Bun: An ideal pick for those with a sweet tooth. Presented in a steam basket, these soft, siopao-like buns ooze a harmonious blend of sweet and salty custard with every bite, making them unexpectedly delightful.

Buchi Balls: A traditional Chinese dessert made of sticky rice, these balls have a creamy custard core and are coated in sesame seeds, providing just the right amount of sweetness.

Rooftop bar in Elyu

How to go to Ching Ching La Union: Ching Ching La Union is located inside Shogun, a rooftop bar in Elyu. In Urbiztondo, San Juan, locate the 711 store. Directly opposite it, you’ll find Rada Hostel. Take the flight of stairs located on the side of the hostel and follow it all the way up to reach the rooftop.

Authentic Flavor and Innovation:

The dishes resonate with authenticity. Recipes are self-developed by the founders, drawing inspiration from their childhood favorites and the love of cooking. Every dish is a remembrance of shared memories and cherished flavors.


The ambiance at Ching Ching is a blend of nostalgia and fun. Japanese neon signs mix with lanterns, while a well-lit bar sits in the center, also serving drinks from Shogun. Depending on the day and time, the atmosphere varies from bustling to serene, adapting to the changing rhythms of San Juan.

Good to know:

  • Drinks: Adjacent to Ching Ching, Shogun offers a variety of drink specials. We indulged in Buy 1 Take 1 sunset cocktails, Cesca’s favorite matcha-whiskey blend, other signature drinks, and classic Japanese beers, ideal for casual gatherings.
  • Family-friendly: During the afternoon, families can enjoy breathtaking sunset views, making it perfect for a casual get-together or an early dinner. However, as night falls, the ambiance seamlessly shifts from relaxed to fun and lively, ready for the party.
  • Pet-friendly? Yes!
  • Beach access: While it’s not right beside the beach, it’s a short walk across the street. And you get treated to unique stunning ocean views from the rooftop!
  • Business Hours: Thursday and Sunday (opens at 5PM), Friday and Saturday (Opens at 6PM). Closing hour depends on the volume of customers.
  • Follow on: @chingchinglaunion on Instagram!
  • Delivery? Yes you may reach them via their mobile number (+63956) 021 1975.


Ching Ching in Elyu offers more than just a meal – it’s an experience. With a backdrop of mesmerizing sunsets, a fun ambiance, and an array of flavors hailing from Hong Kong’s streets, this rooftop bar promises good food, good times, hearty laughs, and memories in the making. Whether seeking solace after a hectic week or a lively evening with friends, Ching Ching and its adjacent bar, Shogun, have something for everyone!

Are you ready to embark on a culinary journey that combines the rich flavors of Japanese cuisine with the soothing ambiance of a beachfront paradise? Look no further than Ramenrique, the brainchild of owner Enrique De Dios, a hidden gem nestled in Elyu (La Union). If you have a penchant for Japanese cuisine and seek a unique dining experience by the beach, this is the place to be. And here’s a tantalizing sneak peek of what awaits you at Ramenrique:

How Ramenrique Started

Ramenrique, owned by Enrique De Dios, is a must-visit ramen shop in Elyu (also known as La Union) for those who love Japanese cuisine and are looking for a unique dining experience by the beach. If you’re lucky, you might even see them making the noodles, as it’s made fresh in-house weekly!

Here’s some information on what you can expect at Ramenrique:

Menu Highlights:

Gyoza: Start your meal with the delicious gyoza, featuring a crispy exterior and a flavorful, warm filling. The traditional dipping sauce complements them perfectly.

Karaage: If you’re waiting for your main ramen orders, try the karaage (chicken nuggets). These crispy and tasty chicken bites are ideal for both adults and kids.

Bonitofu: The chilled slices of silky tofu, sesame dressing, chili powder, and bonito flakes make for a refreshing and flavorful appetizer. Each bite offers a delightful combination of textures and flavors.

Spicy Miso Ramen: This ramen option features a balance of creaminess and heat. The chashu (sliced pork) and ramen eggs are prepared in-house, adding to the authenticity of the dish.

Tantamen Ramen: Similar to the Spicy Miso Ramen, the Tantamen Ramen boasts fresh, high-quality ingredients. The savory broth with a hint of spiciness pairs perfectly with the ajitsuke tamago (marinated ramen egg).

Tsukumen Ramen: A recent addition to the menu, the Tsukumen Ramen is unique as it comes with chilled, chewy noodles topped with chashu and ajitsuke tamago served alongside a warm, flavorful broth in a separate bowl. You can dip the noodles into the broth or add the broth to the noodles for a versatile dining experience.

Location: Ramenrique is located in Elyu’s Surftown area. To get there, you can make your way from the beachside through an entrance near Monaliza Surf Resort. Look for the distinct Japanese signages and a dining area inspired by classic Japanese shop stands (yatai) that typically sell ramen bowls during festivals. The cozy atmosphere adds to the charm of this ramen spot.

Quality and Craftsmanship: Ramenrique takes pride in not taking shortcuts in their preparation. It took the team six months to perfect their ramen bowls, including the creation of their noodles. They prepare everything in-house, from the noodles to the chashu and ajitsuke tamago, ensuring the highest quality.

Atmosphere: The restaurant has a small and intimate setup, allowing you to watch the team as they prepare your ramen, dumplings, and appetizers. This transparency reflects their commitment to using the best quality ingredients and careful preparation. Bonus: As you sit by the bar, prepare to be welcomed by a Japanese ramen cat meme!

History: Unknown to many, Inky’s affection for Japanese food began a long time ago. The spark for the idea of opening a ramen shop ignited when he chanced upon a ramen arena during one of his many trips to Japan. Imagine a place with over 50 ramen booths! The preliminary phase of the ramen shop in Elyu consisted of successive pop-ups, each version refining the recipe based on customer feedback.

Other amenities: 

  • Excited to share your experience with friends? Free Wi-Fi!
  • Family-friendly? Definitely!
  • Coming with your furry friend? Pets are welcome. 
  • Beach access: It’s a quick minute away from the beach!
  • Business hours: Fri-Sat, 11am-9pm. Sun 10am-2pm
  • Follow on Facebook and Instagram @ramenrique.ph
  • Delivery: Drop them a message on their socials!

Ramenrique Elyu Menu


Whether you’re a surfer looking for a satisfying post-surf meal or simply a ramen enthusiast, Ramenrique is a must-visit spot in Elyu. Don’t forget to finish your meal with complimentary in-house green tea for a truly memorable dining experience. Be sure to check their opening hours and consider making a reservation, as this popular ramen spot tends to get busy. Enjoy your ramen cravings at Ramenrique!

Looking for a place you can exclusively rent to host a game or karaoke night with friends and family? Or simply dine in, and experience La Union food- If these are your clinchers – you may want to consider Lampara Kitchen and Bar – a place where food, games, and karaoke collide. 

Nestled in the bustling neighborhood of Mabini Street in Barangay Catbangen, San Fernando City, La Union, this family-owned gem is a testament to the warm hospitality and culinary excellence La Union is known for.

How Lampara Kitchen and Bar started

Lampara Kitchen and Bar’s remarkable journey began as a pandemic-born concept, driven by the simple desire to share home-cooked meals with those seeking comfort and connection during challenging times. 

The family behind Lampara initially started by delivering these lovingly prepared dishes to their customers, and the overwhelmingly warm and positive feedback they received was the spark that ignited a bigger dream. With no formal culinary training but an unwavering passion for food and hospitality, they decided to turn their home-based venture into a physical restaurant, bringing their beloved dishes to a wider audience. 

The name “Lampara” translates to “fishing net” in Spanish, which perfectly describes the restaurant’s location near the river where fishermen catch fresh seafood everyday. This name perfectly mirrors their dedication to delivering fresh nourishment and a welcoming ambiance to every guest.

Lampara Kitchen and Bar is a heartfelt testament to the power of passion and perseverance, where family bonds, a love for cooking, and a dedication to creating unforgettable dining experiences come together to light up the lives of all who enter its doors.

The inviting urban comfort and laid-back ambiance, reminiscent of a cozy home, provide a welcoming backdrop for your culinary adventure. During the day, it’s a bustling dining area, while at night, it transforms into a lively bar, complete with music and drinks. Weekends come in love with soulful acoustic performances by local talents. 

A Restaurant with a Game Room and KTV Room

The Game Room

The Game Room allows you to play board games, watch Netflix or HBO, or play PS5. You can play darts and card games too. The game room can accommodate up to 8 people and costs PHP 3,000 (consumable) for 3 hours plus PHP 500 maintenance fee without any other service charge.

The KTV Room

Lampara Kitchen and Bar understands the importance of family gatherings, and they’ve gone above and beyond to cater to this sentiment. They offer specially designed KTV or Karaoke rooms, good for 12-15 people.  These private havens are perfect for families and friends to come together, enjoy a sumptuous meal, and then unleash their inner starts with a spirited karaoke session. Just like the game room, customers can turn it into a watching session as the TV is also connected to Netflix and HBO.  It’s really a delightful fusion of great food, music, and togetherness that guarantees an unforgettable experience.

Filipino + Korean + Japanese + Chinese Cuisine in One Restaurant

The family extends to many their love of food. They understand how family members differ in their cravings and often argue about which food to order. In order to resolve that, they’ve thought of offering different cuisines. 

Hand-picked, and well-thought-out they formulated a menu that interestingly combined all the cuisines you and your family might love. They offer Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and of course, Filipino cuisines. Among the must-try are the Crispy Palabok, Grilled Squid Sisig, Baby back ribs, to name a few. 

Lampara Kitchen and Bar Menu

Lampara Kitchen and Bar Food Review

The taste profile at Lampara Kitchen and Bar is nothing short of delightful. We were served with some of the best sellers in the restaurant- mostly Filipino cuisine with a twist.

Crispy Palabok

Starting with the Crispy Palabok, it’s a symphony of textures and flavors- the crispy squid toppings paired with that rich Palabok sauce create a mouthwatering experience. The Juan Republic team agreed the Crispy Palabok is one for the books and is something you will crave after you’ve tasted it.

Pusit Sisig

The Pusit sisig was literally fired up before serving.  The squid was surprisingly tender, while the sisig was well-seasoned. While we missed out if there was a mushed pig’s brain in the sisig- we didn’t taste any mayonnaise. We recommend this as pulutan in your next drinking sesh. 

Crispy Pata Kare-kare

Their Crispy Pata Kare-kare, a marriage of crispy pata and kare-kare, came in on a sizzling plate. A whole crispy pata with the usual kare-kare vegetable (string beans, pechay)  beautifully arranged on the hot plate, was poured on with the rich peanut butter sauce. The pork skin was crackly and crunchy while the meat was tender enough to be chewed on. But it wasn’t “falling off the bone” tender. The kare-kare sauce had a slight peanut-y flavor and was seasoned well- not too sweet and not too savory. If you like your kare-kare sauce with just a mild taste, then you will like this.

Banana Rhuma

For those who are familiar with and have tried Manong Tootz FoodHouse turon, Lampara’s Banana Rhuma will hit you in the right spots. It’s a classic turon but glazed with a reduced jackfruit sauce, dusted with skimmed milk, and served with Puno’s ice cream- the best ice cream in Nueva Ecija. It surely felt like a warm hug.

Choco Lava Cake with Ice Cream

Another dessert we have tried was the Chocolate Lava cake topped with ice cream- from Puno’s again- and sprinkled with gold leaves or sheets. It’s a combination of warm and cold- warm cake and cold ice cream. When you scoop or cut a serving, a rich chocolate filling will ooze from the center. This one’s on the sugary and rich side, so if you have a sweet tooth, you will love this.

Superb Customer Service

Lampara’s staff embodies the warmth and hospitality that La Union is known for. From the moment you’re welcomed at the door to the attentive service throughout the meal, their genuine passion for sharing their culinary heritage shines through. 

How to go to Lampara Kitchen and Bar

You can easily spot Lampara Kitchen and Bar, because of the lined-up buffet-style clay pots in their facade. It’s an 18-minute drive if you come from Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union; and 7 minutes from Thunderbird Resorts and Casino in Poro Point, San Fernando City, La Union. For commuters, you can hail a tricycle in San Fernando City and ask to bring you to Lampara. Tricycle fare is at P25 minimum. The nearest landmark is the post office in Barangay Catbangen.

Other Important Details

  • Other services – Lampara Kitchen and Bar is open to hosting events. Or you can rent out the meeting room, for intimate gatherings in a packaged deal. 
  • Dine Al Fresco or Airconditioned dining – You can choose to dine in comfort inside their airconditioned extension room or enjoy the al fresco ambiance.
  • Parking space – They have a limited parking space within the premises that can fit 3-5 cars.
  • Restrooms – Two restrooms are available – one for females, and one for males. Both are clean, well-maintained, smell good and are IG-worthy too!
  • Food delivery  – available via Food Panda and FoodEarly
  • Pet-friendly – You can bring your fur babies to Lampara. They also have their adopted in-house cats you can play or cuddle with.
  • Business hours – MON to THU 11AM to 12AM, FRI to SAT 11AM to 1AM
  • Contact number: +639173348262

Our Final Thoughts

Lampara Kitchen and Bar isn’t just a place to eat; it’s a destination where moments are created, laughter is shared, and memories are etched into the hearts of its patrons. With its diverse cuisine, game, and karaoke rooms, Lampara has seamlessly woven together elements of fun, family, and fantastic food. The warmth of their service, reasonable pricing, and willingness to cater to various needs make it a hidden gem in the heart of San Fernando City, La Union. 

Whether you seek a gastronomic adventure, a thrilling game night, or a harmonious karaoke session, Lampara Kitchen and Bar invites you to experience it all under one welcoming roof. So, gather your loved ones, embrace the inviting atmosphere, and indulge in a delightful collision of flavors, entertainment, and togetherness at Lampara Kitchen and Bar.