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through night and day
through night and day
Through Night And Day


Through Night and Day is a 2018 romantic-comedy film directed by Veronica Velasco, starring Paolo Contis (as Ben) and Alessandra De Rossi (as Jen). It is about Ben and his fiancĂ© Jen’s tour in Iceland that made them knew each other more. The trip that was supposed to strengthen their relationship more, was challenged throughout the road, mostly because of Jen’s inconsistent decisions. And everything turned out unluckily, and tore their hearts apart.

Cast and Crews

Directed by: Veronica Velasco

Story written by: Noren Capili & Alessandra De Rossi


Paolo Contis as Ben who plays a role of an understanding and loving man who had a patience that proves how much he love Jen. Paolo Contis is indeed a versatile actor. His fierce role in the teleserye titled “Alyas Robinhood” seems to be the exact opposite of his role as Ben in Throught Night and Day.

Paolo Contis

Alessandra De Rossi as Jen who plays a role of being an ebullient and lovable woman. She is also a goal oriented woman who is really eager to do anything for her dream. Alessandra De Rossi did great with her character in this movie. Her role fits her well.

Joey Marquez as Jen’s father who supports his daughter. He is also a protective and courageous father for Jen. I can say that Joey Marquez is the perfect actor to play this role. He often meet the satisfaction of the audience by his skills.

Through Night and Day Original Sound Track (OST)

I Will Be Here by Paolo Contis and Alessandra De Rossi

DISCLAIMER: Some contents may contain spoilers


In Through Night and Day, Ben and Jen, a prenup couple, went to Iceland to fulfill their dream tour. It is Ben’s engagement present for Jen. Before going to Iceland, they were just like a typical couple, and the chemistry between them was undeniable. At first, the excitement and ebullience are there, especially for Jen, who dreamt about it for a long time ago. As they roam around and travel, Ben tried to understand Jen’s changeable and confusing decisions. They often argue, mostly caused by Jen’s cognition. One of the things that triggered them both is when they’re waiting for the iconic phenomenon in Iceland, which is the Aurora Borealis. Jen yearned to see it by herself, but due to her exhaustion and a long wait, she fell asleep. Ben was awake at that time, and he tried to wake Jen up, but Jen insisted on getting up. Since Ben failed to wake her up, he recorded a video for Jen to see it by morning. But instead of being grateful, Jen got mad thinking that Ben didn’t wake her up. She even called Ben selfish. There is also a time that the van they rented crash into a pole because of arguing which direction they should go. After that, they decided to go home because they don’t have enough money to rent a new car. While they’re on their way to the airport, they sat on a bench, and Ben decided to end the relationship between them. He told Jen what he realized that they aren’t ready, and maybe they don’t even know each other enough to be married. And instead of building a strong foundation as a soon-to-be-married couple, the exposure of each other’s personality tore them apart. 

Through Night and Day Review

Prepare to be astounded, disgusted and shocked with the 2018 film ‘Through Night and Day’.

It was a good decision to start the movie by showing how unique and passionate the love between Ben and Jen is. The story revolves around how the couple adapts to each other’s personalities, likes, and dislikes. In the beginning, I could say that they really love each other. It is shown through their actions. They are a perfect, ideal couple. Ben is an understanding and patient man, perfect for Jen, who is a stalwart and ebullient woman. As they are about to get married, Ben surprised Jen on a trip to Iceland. It is their first trip together. At first, they enjoyed different spots in Iceland. It is also a great fulfillment for Jen since she was dreaming about it since she was young. I could say that it is also one of the reasons why Jen behaved differently during their travel because she knew a lot of places in Iceland, and she wants to go on all of those. But as they travel further, misunderstanding pops up. I am certain that you will also felt disgusted with Jen because of her behavior. Because of her insensitivity and changeable mind. And I also felt pity for Ben, who tries hard to understand his fiancĂ©. While they’re traveling, I thought it was just a one-sided love. Because Jen ignores every effort of Ben in understanding her, it seems like she wasn’t aware of her decision-making. That’s why I can’t blame why Ben decided to give up and break up with Jen. But in the end, when Ben was about to marry another woman, I was shocked and hurt. The reason for Jen’s actions is because she had a brain tumor. 

The story hit its goal to be different from other movies. It doesn’t end like other films that end with a happy ending. It was a remarkable and hurtful ending. The twist was well-plotted in the story. This may be a perfect representation of the quote: ‘Expect the unexpected’. Every scene is exceptional. And the choice of characters was well chosen.

Through Night and Day

I highly recommend this movie for those who loves romantic comedy movies. It has a perfect twist that will mix up all your emotions.

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